Michaele LeCompte

Michaele LeCompte

Michaele LeCompte Michaele LeCompte Michaele LeCompte

About Me

   I have been making works of art since the late 60's. Painting and Collage make up the bulk of my work but I have also made 3-D  works. In the following pages, you'll find a selection of what I make.   I received my MFA degree from Mills College in 1980 with an emphasis in Painting.  I recently retired from teaching college-level  art after 30 years.  I have lived in Sacramento most of my life.  I currently live in the Sacramento Delta.


My Painting Practice

"...I have to do the wrong thing in the right way."  Greyson Perry

When I first read this,  I thought Perry was quoting me!   My imagery or style favors bold color, strong surfaces, and my own quirky sense of composition.  Each painting demands it's own language and it is my challenge to find and interpret that language through the act of painting itself, through research, and through my own passion for art.



My Inspiration

  I have always been an abstract artist.  As an active artist, I'm also an active viewer.  Ideas for my own work can come from anywhere -- I never know what might grab my imagination.  Each new idea is worked until it fits my style.  Painting is part intellectual and part magical.  Painting is a pathway to my subconscious, the well-spring of all of my work.