About the New Work


New Work

This new series is called End of the World Paintings.  This is simply meant to convey the turmoil we are currently living through.  I have experimented with different materials including faux "jewels", silver tape, nails, metal, and other elements.  The use of automatic writing or mark-making relates to how we are all talking without being understood.  The idea of "babble" addresses the confusion and sense of frustration that also marks our time.

About the "Non-Linear" Paintings

 I titled the series, Non-Linear because I wanted to emphasize that my work does not follow a straight path.  Instead, I follow whatever inspiration has worked its way into my imagination and mind. This way of working allows me the maximum freedom. 


The inspiration behind this series is based on my love of Indian and Persian Miniature paintings. In both of these cultures the use of beautiful color and elaborate pattern is what I respond to. 

In an effort to emulate the sumptuousness of Indian and Persian paintings, I wanted to add actual jewels to the canvases. Other objects include boxes, found-objects, sari scraps, broken necklaces from my grandmother, various papers, and so on. Using real objects is a way of re-defining what a painting can be.  While there is much going on in these paintings, they feel quiet and meditative to me.


About the Stripe Paintings

The Stripe Paintings  came about because my best friend died. I had recently moved my  studio  into a barn on our property which allowed me to work larger and at the same time, I had inherited my friend's oil paints. Because I was in mourning, the only thing I wanted to do was mix a beautiful color and apply a single stroke to the canvas.  The tool was a palette knife. After the first stroke many more followed until the whole canvas was covered.  This simple method gave rise to a surprisingly varied body of work.  I look at these paintings and think of my friend.


About the Circle Paintings


The circle is one of my favorite images. This simple shape is capable of expressing an infinite number of moods, modulations, and messages. Some of the oldest human artifacts found throughout the world contain circles -- it is a primary form. 


Repetition of form and image has been one of the earmarks of my work for a long time. I never tire of using images again and again. 



About Collages

Making collages is one of my passions. Collage-making involves lot's of cut and paste work. I often use my own older paintings as collage material or I'll paint papers specifically to use in a collage.  Because my collages are generally small, I can work quickly. Each collage is like a jazz improvisation -- things come together in the moment and can't be repeated in exactly that way again.  I also use a mixed-media approach when constructing a collage -- this might include paint, fabric, many different kinds of paper and so on. 



Painting Exhibition Highlights: 1979-2018


Non-Linear, Solo Exhibition, JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Monumental: Larger than Life, JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Transfer Show, California State University, Sacramento.

Divergent Strategies, Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Oregon.

Paper Trail: Works on Paper by Selected Artists, JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Couples, Pamela Skinner/Gwenna Howard Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Migration of Form Solo Exhibition, JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Organic Abstraction, Pence Gallery, Davis, CA

Flatlanders: A Regional Roundup, Renny Pritkin, Curator &  Richard L. Nelson Gallery, UCD

Michaele LeCompte and Linda Rainsford, Pamela Skinner Gallery, Sacramento, CA

New Paintings, Solo Exhibition, Pamela Skinner Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Remix: New Paintings, Solo Show at JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Folio Series, Exhibition and Purchase, California State University

Drawing Show, Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA

The Descent, Solo Show, Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Michaele LeCompte and Mark Emerson, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

Tete a Tete: Michaele LeCompte and Carol Doyle , Himovitz/Jensen Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Contemporary California Narrations, Exchange Show Sacramento to Brussels

Paintings, Seipp Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

Paintings, Branner Spangenberg Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Artist's Self-Portraits in Black and White, Edith Caldwell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Small Paintings, Solo Exhibition, Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, CA

California Connections: Sacramento State University, the Early 1970's, Laguna Beach Museum

Fresh Paint: Fifteen California Painters, SFMoMA

New Affirmations, Oakland Museum, CA

Painting Invitational, Richmond Art Center, CA

40th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting, Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, Florida

The Memory Bridge, Solo Installation, Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA